We know about change. We like it. We did it successfully from the inside and from the outside.

We know about strategic Human Capital Management. We have proved it through results.


At Change Box, our mission is to enable our clients' organizational agility through context-sensitive and coherent solutions in human capital systems and processes.


We have inside strategic and operational experience, we understand business problems. At the core of our expertise is delivering actionable solution architectures based on relevant analytics and a deep understanding of correlations. Our interventions span across area boundaries and are correlated and synchronized to ensure long term results.


Our style is based on respect for the client, its people and its real needs. We embrace responsibility, tell the truth and deliver on our promises.

Introducing ourselves

Monica Marchiș

12 years in management consultancy and 8 years in executive functions at local and international level have shaped my approach to organisations and to managing the HR function in a transformational way.

First by context and later on by choice I've come to contribute to and lead major organisational transformations and developed quite an appetite for change in the process until it has become recognised expertise. Ranging from M&A , post merger integration, cultural and structural changes to international integration of 13 subsidiaries and implementation of new HR processes for building cultures able to support existing or new business strategies - all these have taught me that there are not two identical change processes and how critical it is as a person or company to be able to transfer the lessons in new contexts without relying on standard measures. There are indeed no recipes.

My cross industry experience lies mainly in finance and IT where I held HR executive functions both locally and at international level and the previous consultancy experience included several others - construction, automotive, media, FMCG, services.

My work vision is to build authentic relations with my clients, providing only solutions that matter to them, running only projects that make a difference, while preserving the human touch, respect and humour.

Contact us

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